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We work to support youth with disabilities and chronic health conditions.

The Foundation is working to support children and youth adversely affected by a disability by supporting access to adaptive youth experiences, animal-assisted therapy, traditional and nontraditional therapeutic services, and independent living programs.

The Foundation supports organizations that serve youth with a broad range of conditions that impair their daily living and quality of life. Services that are funded include traditional and nontraditional therapy, youth and family supports, and enrichment opportunities that serve youth with disabilities or chronic health conditions that may or may not be curable.

The Foundation is also interested in supporting programs that assist youth with the transition to adulthood, and animal-assisted therapy, including service dog programs and equine therapy.

The Foundation’s focus in chronic health and disability services is primarily:

  • Early Childhood Intervention services
  • Special education
  • Animal-assisted therapies
  • Adaptive youth experiences
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grants made
million dollars granted
lives impacted annually
Dallas, TX | $100,000
Bryan’s House – 2020

Funding to respond to the needs of children and their families by providing medically managed child care, respite care and community-based, family centered support systems.

chronic health & disability services
Dallas, TX | $50,000
Baylor Health Care System Foundation – 2020

Funding to support the graduation of three teams of service dogs that will be provided free of charge to children with physical and developmental disabilities.

chronic health & disability services
Arlington, TX | $65,000
Helping Restore Ability – 2021

Funding to support programming that facilitates in-home personal care for children with disabilities.

chronic health & disability services
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